About Me

Hello, my name is Yukiko which means Happy in Japanese. When I was born my breeder was so happy to have puppies that she named me and each of my siblings a name meaning happy in another language. Yukiko also means snow and fortunate child. My forever mommy calls me Kiki and also her snow queen....well I am the queen of the house.

A Happy Havanese Blog
Me and my siblings, don't we make you happy?

My forever parents got me when I was just about 7 months old and we bring each other so much happiness.

A Happy Havanese Blog
The day I went to my Forever Home

My mommy spoils me so much with lots of toys and things just for me. I am a very happy havanese indeed! Come on and let's be friends on social media as well. We can see how each of our days are! I love meeting new friends!

My Favorites