Monday, April 6, 2015

10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Happy new week to you! Today I thought I would share this video I found on 10 strange dog behaviors explained. Does you dog do some things you just don't understand? Dogs can be funny and they do have personalities and quirks just like humans do. But some things humans see as strange behavior have actual reasons why a dog does what they do.

10 strange dog behaviors explained. A Happy Havanese Blog

Does your dog do any weird things? I would love to hear about it! My mom says me moving the blankets on the bed so I can get to the bottom is pretty weird. Why sleep way down under the covers she asks?

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Today doing what I do and just being a dog is what makes me "Happy."


  1. Cute video - I can certainly attest / relate to most of those shown.

    1. They sure are cute answers aren't they! Thanks for saying hi today!


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