Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Do the Heimlich on Your Chocking Dog

Hello my friend, I hope your day is as wonderful as mine is being. I have already taken a walk, played with my toys and napped! Speaking of taking a walk, each time we go on one I am always sniffing around trying to find some new and exciting things. My mom says I am like a vacuum cleaner because I walk, scoop something in my mouth and never lose my stride. The next words out of her mouth are always "drop it" and so I have to let go of my treasure I was hoping to take home and enjoy. Us dogs are like that, we find all kinds of things we find interesting and we want to chew on it and eat it! We do not understand that it can be dangerous {my mom says I do not know what dangerous even means}. That leads me to something I hope you or my mom never have to do but it is great to know, how to do the Heimlich maneuver on your chocking dog.
According to Dog Health & Nutrition For Dummies "A choking dog makes retching motions and will look panicked, often pacing back and forth and pawing at her mouth. Her chest may be heaving but she isn't making any airway noises." The author also says, "If you suspect your dog is choking, first examine her mouth. Pull the tongue forward and remove the foreign object if possible. If you can’t see the foreign object, use the canine Heimlich maneuver to try to dislodge the object."

How to do the Heimlich on your chocking dog. A Happy Havanese Blog
Image: Animal Wellness Magazine
Of course I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV {not yet anyway} so I thought some tips from the experts at Pet MD on chocking and the Heimlich Maneuver for your dog would be in order.
And how about a visual from this vet.

I think now we are covered and ready in case an emergency happens, though I hope it never does.

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Keeping me safe and having my mom know what to do if she needs to is what makes me "Happy" today!

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