Monday, March 23, 2015

20 Things You Should Know About A Havanese

Hey it is National Puppy Day! Let's celebrate with something I know a lot about - being a Havanese! So you want a Havanese dog do you? Well personally I think that Havanese ROCK {of course I am a Havanese so I am a bit biased}.

KiKi The Havanese Dog. A Happy Havanese Blog
This is me when I was almost 2 months old.
Look how long my coat was getting.

There is a lot to know about any breed before you bring that cute little puppy into your home.

A responsible pet parent will do research about the breed they want. If you are planning to rescue a dog, do some research about the breed you are getting. Not all dogs personalities are alike, just like humans are not all alike. I have some Havanese 101 over here to help you as well.

A Happy Havanese Blog

There are some personality traits about a Havanese which are important for you to know before you bring a Havanese home so you both can be happy and thrive. One thing I can promise is you will get a lot of love and attention from your Havanese.

A Happy Havanese Blog
I love toys and have a toy box full of them.
So give your Havanese lots of things to play with

 20 Havanese Facts
  1. Have a long coat which feels like silk {also called a Havana Silk Dog}
  2. Coat can be kept long or cut short. {Keeping it long is work but my moms says it is worth it, she loves my long coat}
  3. Little to no Shedding
  4. Hypo allergenic so great with those who have allergies because it won't bother them.
  5. Loyal to their family
  6. Thrive on companionship
  7. Loves to please
  8. Loves praise
  9. Great listeners
  10. Intelligent
  11. Entertaining
  12. Easy to train to do tricks. {Some Havanese have even been performers in the circus}
  13. Love to roughhouse
  14. Love to break out in a run when playing {I have a few of my runs on Instagram}
  15. Love paper and will shred it to bits {all kinds of paper}
  16. Will follow you everywhere around the house {Sometimes called your shadow or Velcro dog}
  17. Do not need a great deal of exercise
  18. Will alert you to someone outside but are not yappie dogs.
  19. Separation anxiety happens when family is gone. We are ideal for those who are home most of the time. A few hours a day left alone is okay but not much more than that. 
  20. Inside dog but love to go outside and walk for a bit.
I can tell you that we will love you more than you can imagine and we only want to make you happy and please you.

Hey it is National Puppy Day so let's play today on Instagram and Twitter

My pet parents love me very much and did a lot of research before they brought me home and being with them and making them happy is what makes me "Happy."


  1. I love how the havanese looks. My neighbor has three and they are not nice. I wondered if it's just them, and apparently it is an aberation. Maybe it is how they were raised. Cute but suspicious and stand off ish. Yours is awesome. The pic of his little foot, oy!! Maybe I should check out more havanese to see if we're a good fit for next puppyness. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. oh I surprised to hear they are not nice because Havanese are very loving dogs and love to love on you. Read some more on my Havanese 101 if you have not already. Thanks for stopping by!


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